Sixth Floor Walk-Up

I've spent the vast majority of the past 5 years living in apartments that are situated atop an unfathomable number of stairs. At long last, I'm happy to report that I've upgraded to a residence that no longer requires me to carry an oxygen tank. To celebrate this milestone, I want to pay homage to the innumerable steps that not only shaped my calves and glutes over the past several years (lasting impact=nonexistent), but also provided me with the time, as I climbed, to ruminate about the things that interest me most: writing, running, b&w cookies, fashion, books, lisps, travel, chocolate, spinning, schadenfreude, celebrity, shoes...ok, I'll just leave it at life. So, put down that dog-eared People Magazine, jump on that StairMaster, and step into a Sixth Floor Walk-Up. (Oh, and please remove your shoes before entering. And if they happen to be a women’s size 7, please also leave them at the door after exiting.)

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